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Please note that some of these books can be read online at books.Google.com.  

Florida's Past: People and Events That Shaped the State, Vol.1, by Gene M. Burnett (available on books.Google.com)

Guide to Historic Tampa, by Steve Rajtar (available Amazon.com)

Highways and Byways of Florida, by Clifton Johnson, copyright 1918 (available on books.Google.com)

El Lector, by William Durbin (available Amazon.com)

Key West: History of an Island of Dreams, by Maureen Ogle (available Amazon.com)

Pacheco's Art of Ybor City, by Ferdie Pacheco (available Amazon.com)

Southern Discomfort: Women's Activism in Tampa, Florida, 1880s-1920s (Women in American History), by Nancy A. Hewitt (available Amazon.com)

Spanish American Warby Russell Alexander Alger, Secretary of War 1897-1899, copyright 1901 (available on books.Google.com)

The Cuban and Porto Rican Campaigns, by Richard Harding Davis, copyright 1898. (available on books.Google.com)

The Immigrant World of Ybor City:  Italians and Their Latin Neighbors in Tampa, 1885-1985, byDr. Gary R. Mormino and George E. Pozzetta        

Ybor City Chronicles: A Memoir by Ferdie Pacheco (available Amazon.com)

Ybor City: The Making of a Landmark Town, by Frank Trebin Lastra (available Amazon.com)