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We are a group of similarly-minded martial artists who enjoy training together under a very large and old oak tree. Our first get together under the magnificent oak in Safety Harbor was on January 22, 2012. The three original members who met this day are Ken, Martin, and Zephin. The original intent was to practice Push Hands (tui shou) together, but this has been growing beyond these bounds into some very interesting training. We have been practicing push hands, sticky hands, self-defense techniques, partner drills, and a variety of other exciting martial arts practices. The push hands we've done has been fixed-step, single-step, and moving-step. We have been training in the martial arts between 10 and 30 years.

We are primarily interested in practicing Push Hands and other two-person martial arts exercises (like chi sao from Wing Chung, or partner forms) including self-defense techniques. We would prefer to train with other experienced martial artists with diverse training backgrounds. We are not interested in MMA style training or anything that requires equipment or mats, although we may at some point do some light sparring. It would be nice to gets some martial artists that are familiar with the various Japanese Karate arts and aikido. Practitioners of Tae kwon do, Kali-Escrima, Krav Maga, and other similar arts are welcome as well. Some knowledge of Tai Chi or another internal/soft style is useful, as the bulk of what we are doing is "Push Hands".

This activity does not involve any fees for participation on anyone's part. While some of us have taught, we are not doing this to get students. We are looking more for people to train with and an exchange of knowledge with competent martial artists. While this is not something limited to black belts, we interested mostly in people with a similar level of ability as would be expected of a black belt.

We train Sunday mornings 9:00-11:00 am. We get together in Baranoff Park, which is a passive park located just outside the doors of the Safety Harbor Library. This park features the historically registered Baranoff Oak Tree which is a Grand Tree: 300-500 year old Live Oak. Free parking is on 2nd Street North.

Ken's Bio: I began training in 1991 in Los Angeles at the Taoist Institute. After moving to Florida, I trained at the Chinese Martial Arts Center in Dunedin. My experience has mostly been in Kung Fu (southern), Kenpo Karate, Luihe bafa, Hsing yi, Chin na, Lima Lama, and Chi Kung. I am a History Teacher with Pinellas County Schools, and a non-practicing formerly certified massage therapist. I also enjoy disc golf.

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