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Lagna --


                       THERE are 12 signs and every day all the 12 signs will come tentatively every two hours for each size but it will vary slightly according to the size of the rashi. For example if a person is born on a day between Apr 14 to may 13 (tentatively) then the day will start Aries lagna and the time starts from sun rise or suryodhaya and Aries lagna will for 2 hours roughly then next Taurus then Gemini and then cancer like that one may have roughly 1 hour 50 minuts or 2 hours 20 minutes like that . so depending upon the time of birth the lagna is calculated it is the base for all calculations of horoscope prediction based on birth chart . it is permanent in nature . the ascendant is also the same that is lagna 

moon sign depends upon the star and rashi 

                      Every day there is a star and it changes every day tentatively , some may change in 20 hours and some may change in 30 hours like that depending upon the length of stars and all the twelve signs will have 2 and quarter starts at the time of birth which star is prevailing that will be called janma nakshatra and that part of the star falls in which sign is called rashi that is moon sign predictions on the moon sigh is for that particular period and temporary in nature. 

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