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Rig Veda

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HOS, VOL. 50: Rig Veda, a metrically restored text

  • This link allows to access and download the SAMHITA version of the RV edition made by B. van Nooten and G.Holland. It is based on the RV edition of Th. Aufrecht (2nd ed., Bonn, 1877; frequently reprinted, but now out of print.)



  • The text.

  • The ten files corresponding to the ten books of the Rig Veda in this version have names ending in -A: RV01A, RV02A, etc. 
    The codification of the diacritics follows the International Code page that was established during the International Sanskrit Conference of Vienna in 1989 with one exception: the "anunaasika m" for which there is no apparent place was assigned to ASCII no. 222. The codepage was distributed through the INDOLOGY network and is reprinted at the end of this Note.

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