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In Vedic cosmology, Aryaman and Surya are both sons of the Divine Mother, Aditi. Aryaman corresponds with the zodiac symbol Leo. The struggle between the Lion figure (Ahriman) and the Persian King, as well as other images portraying connection between Lion and Man (such as the Giza Sphinx) can be best understood in terms of the evolutionary play of the zodiac, in which the signs of Leo the Lion, and Aquarius the Man are 'twins'  or joined in the sense that they form an axis in the 360° circle. In terms of the 365 day year they are half a year or six months apart.

Picture of Persian King fighting Aryaman the lion (Leo constellation). Picture adapted from blog site of Lori Tompkins 

This lion figure Aryaman looks like the Yaali figures , which are found in abundant numbers in all south Indian temples. It looks like that origin of Yaali figure should be traced from Iranian civilization. Another similarity linking Hindu religion to Iranian civilization is the "Ritual Marriage" of Shiva and Meenakshi in Madurai temple. Similar ritual was popular in Iran also. It was the ritual marriage of "Ishtar" to local king on a specific day of year, which indicated  the time to procreation and time of marriages. Even the hereditary priest of Meenakshi temple honored at  this time of "marriage ceremony" wears a turban, which is peculiar and looks like Iranian turban. (ref---see the photographs of Meenakshi marriage ceremony)





Perhaps the Vedic god Aryaman had been treated as the ‘dark twin’ because in the zodiac and in the Rig Veda, Aquarius the Man or Friend (Mitra) represents the illumined or divine Individual, where as Leo (Aryaman) represents a lesser evolved individual or unillumined 'king' in which the ego occludes one's connection to the Divine Earth and Cosmos 

Picture of Ahura Mazda---note the similarity between this Eagle god and Vishnu sitting over eagle (Aquila constellation ). Picture  adapted from blog site of Lori Tompkins.

An additional information to be considered here is that  in Vedic lore Vishnu the Preserver rides an Eagle, which can be understood as Aquila (Eagle Constellation), and Ahura Mazda is depicted as an Man, a Divine Man with the body of an Eagle. The connection between Vishnu and the Lion, Bull, Man and Eagle (Leo, Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpio - the 'Fixed' sign cross of the Zodiac) is briefly discussed in the blog site: http://circumsolatious.blogspot.com/


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