Story of Fish Gods

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The Story of Floods is in every culture. The first incarnation of Hindu God Vishnu known as Matsya Avatar (Fish Incarnation) has spread to different parts of the world. We read about it in Sumerian Atrahasis /Ziusudra/Gilgamesh, Biblical Nova and other cultures including Mayan culture. One fact is very clear in all these stories. There was a civilization before. That civilization was very good in Marine Engineering. They were able to build a big ship so as to accommodate all the species. The thought of preservation for the posterity was also there. So it must be an intelligent society. Otherwise they would have perished without trace. Now who was that intelligent person or god who instructed them to build a ship? That person must be a scientist and must have Tsunami monitoring equipments. Otherwise he couldn’t have forecast a catastrophic event. All fingers point to India. No one has that intelligence in maths or calculation in those times.

1. Every other culture stopped with fish and flood story. But Hindus developed it logically to Ten Incarnations of Lord Vishnu. From water born fish they took it to amphibian turtle. From Amphibian turtle, they took it to the next level of land animals- ‘pig’ avatar. Then half man half animal (Lion) Narasimha avatar, then humans with more and more intelligence. They beat Darwin by 2000 years in proposing the Theory of Evolution. That is why I said only a Hindu mind can do it. The mathematical (decimal) calculations in the Vedas and the invention of Game of Chess show that we could do it.