Mortuary temples

Mortuary temples and ancestor worship:

Your question on the issue of mortuary temple and ancestor worship is correct. To give you an answer to your question, i have to put in lot of time and effort. I will try to collect the evidences and present to our group in forth coming days. Mean while, i will give a brief introduction, how i got this idea. 25 years back, while preparing for my civil service exam, i came across the book, "Secret of Crete", written by Hans George Wunderlich, a German Professor of Geology.

He had given detailed narration about ancient cult of dead and mortuary temple. If you read through the book, you will get the wonderful experience of visiting ancient necropolis and mortuary temple.That book is the basis for my theory of necropolis. Reproducing all those ideas is very difficult, hence i have merely stated that i had taken these ideas of necropolis and mortuary temple from the book of Wunderlich. Now, in the coming days, i will prepare a note and present to our group for discussion.---rjk

Mean while see my note on wunderlich in my web site---for more information. Even though his theory is in existence for last 40 years, due recognition has not been given so far. Only Ioannis Georgopoulos wrote to me that , this mortuary theory for Cretan palaces are being recognized now. That is the nature of Archaeology and History , it will take many decades to accept any new theory. --- rjk