Indus flood


Mohenjo-daro safe from rampaging floods caused by raging Indus River

See the news about flood situation in Indus river, even after severe flood in Indus river  --- (that is forty times more than the carrying capacity of Indus river) the flood water has not reached Mohenjo Daro excavation site. Considering this fact, how far is it correct to say that  Mohenjo Daro has been destroyed by floods seven times?

The flood waters  are not reaching the Mohenjo Daro ruins even after heaviest flood, shows that this site had been built much above the flood line of Indus river.

The conclusion  is that the so called city had not been destroyed  either by flood water or fire ( Aryan destruction theory ). The claim of historians and archaeologists that the city has been destroyed many times and rebuilt in the same place is a doubtful preposition. The fact that there are seven layers of construction need not be construed as frequent destruction by floods. It is likely that layers of funeral houses have been built over and above the older layers over a period of centuries.

----This Mohenjo Daro site had been----
--- simply allowed to decay away slowly ---
------ because it was a Necropolis --

---no one was particularly interested in----
--- either maintaining it or destroying it ----
---this site survived for such a long period ---
---without much damage because --
---people respected the dead --
----as well as feared ghosts of dead people --

----Archaeologists should be thankful to --
---Ghosts of our ancestors ---
---they have protected the sites so far --
---without much destruction----

Observation and remarks by --
Jeyakumar Ramasami

Mohenjo-daro safe from rampaging floods caused by raging Indus River

Karachi News.Net
Monday 30th August, 2010 (ANI)

Mohenjo-daro, one of the largest city-settlements of the Indus Valley Civilization, is reportedly safe from the heavy monsoon rains and the recent floods in Pakistan.

According to the Daily Times, water had flooded the Katcha land near the Jhali Bund, the nearest embankment of the Indus River to Mohenjo-daro, but had not reached the ruins.

Earlier, it was reported that a wave of 400,000 cusecs had passed through the Indus River, near Mohenjo-daro causing significant damage to the ancient city.

Dating back to 3,500 BC, the ancient city has been destroyed on more than one occasion by flooding of the Indus River. 

It has been rebuilt directly on top of the old ruins at least seven times in the past. 

Mohenjo-daro was included on the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage List in 1980. 

Spreading over an area of almost 600 acres, only 10 percent (50 acres) of its total area has been excavated so far. (ANI)