Harappan site in Chandigargh

Harappan site under Sector 17
Vibhor Mohan, TNN Oct 28, 2012, 04.01AM IST

Ref ---Times of India ---

CHANDIGARH: It was not without reason that master architect Le Corbusier was inspired by the Indus Valley Civilization town planning pattern with straight north-south, east-west alignment of streets. A Harappan site exists in the heart of the city below the Sector-17 commercial complex and excavation work can still be taken up to unearth more details as the site was only 10-15 feet deep.

"I had visited the site that came to light during construction of a showroom in Chandigarh as the then director general of Archaeological Survey of India. It had brought out valuable details with precious artifacts. I still believe that the local government should have created a basement to preserve it, which would have turned it into a tourist attraction," recalled B B Lal, noted archaeologist and Padma Bhushan recipient, who was in the city to attend a seminar on Harappan Civilization on Saturday.

Ravinder Singh Bisht, joint director general, ASI (retd), said: "Corbusier too seems to have taken inspiration from the excellent town planning and architecture. The settlement under Chandigarh is believed to have existed towards later part of the civilization, which lasted between 1900 to 2500 BCE. It was a wonderful culture which had fortification of the settlements with planned streets." V C Sharma, superintending archaeologist, ASI, said the site was in private plots opposite the MC office.