Harappan Relics - Haryana

Harappan relics found in Haryana village
Chandigarh, April 12, 2012, IANS:
Archaeological experts from Cambridge and the Banaras Hindu University have dug out relics, believed to be associated with the ancient Harappan civilisation, from a village in Haryana. 

Extensive excavations at the ancient Tida Bud Teela, a mound spread out over 400 square metre area, in Khalsa Bohla village in Karnal district, 160 kilometre from here, have led to the relics.

“The relics include pottery, bones, mud wall, grain store and red-coloured utensils, which are believed to have been used by people belonging to the Harappan era,” said Arun Pandey excavation team leader.

He said the relics were found in the first few days of excavation that saw digging up to a depth of four metres. These have been sent for carbon-dating and other examination to know their exact period and if these belong to the Harappan period. The excavation was initiated on March 28 and would continue till April 16.