Funeral practice in IVC

                                 There is a raging debate about the racial origin of Indus people, whether they were Aryans or Dravidian? One important cultural factor is to be ascertained to answer this question. What was the funeral practice of Indus people. My new theory on this issue is that the Indus People were practicing Burial practices just like the early Egyptians and Mesopotamians. My conclusion on this issue is that entire Indus sites are Necropolis and not Metropolis as popularly imagined so far. 

                                Now , the new question  will arise, " where from this cremation practice had come into India ?" which is the  standard practice of present day Hindus? " The answer for this question is , " It has come from central Asia, where cremation of dead bodies was a standard practice". the classical Greeks also practiced cremation as seen in the case Achilles funeral in Iliad. Trojans also followed the same cremation practices. Even early Romans followed the same. It looks like that these people were intruders from central Asia into southern regions of Asia and Europe.

                                Does this intrusion of Central Asian nomads should be treated as support to " Aryan Invasion theory?"  No, this book does not support the "Aryan Invasion theory" but definitely supports "Aryan trickle down theory".