Evidence from Sirumalai

Ref ---Deccan Chronicle --
A team of archaeologists has unearthed a pair of symbols, one of which is similar to the hieroglyph of Indus civilization, on a stone tool worshipped by the Palaiyar tribes in Sirumalai hills in Dindigul district.

The symbols believed to be 4,000-year-old were spotted during field research carried out by archeologists and research students in the tribal settlements of Tamil-speaking Paliyars in the hills recently.

Team member V. Narayanamoorthy says, “The Paliyar tribes settled in Kurinji (mountainous region), used stone tools to hunt.

Those tools are now worshiped by their decendents in remembrance of their ancestors. The symbols are found only on these tools now.

And, the find assumes historical significance to establish the fact that the Tamil civilization is closely related to Indus civilization.”