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Train journey

There are two dimensions to train journey ----
one is physical journey from point"A" to Point "B"
 (Say Chennai to New Delhi)
At the same time -- there is a second  journey ---
an emotional journey ----
that journey takes place in your mind ---

your brain is like a big computer ---
with lot of memory capacity and storage space --

within that brain (mind ) ---you travel in a boat (here train)  ---
the boat is nothing but your EGO (or your soul)---
your EGO is almost equal to your soul ----
at the end of the journey ---there is no apparent change ---
yet , you are changed in dramatic ways ---
either you are scarred (scared also)by the events of the journey ---
or transformed by the experiences of journey ---
towards a better person and stronger personality ----

In the real terms ---
your entire life is like a train journey ---
at the end of your life ---
what is left out is various experiences  of your mind ---