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Monkey Vs Human behaviour

Monkey Vs Human behaviour 

           Think about the theory of Darwin that man had evolved from monkey. I strongly believe in this theory and feel that we are only 50% human beings and still we have to learn many more things to become a human being. What i mean is that many things what we do is out of impulsive behaviour (Instinct). Instinct is an animal behaviour, we have to overcome this animal behaviour and do it in a human way. The problem of human behaviour is that it is everything against animal behaviour. Now, we have to reconcile between these two opposite forces.

            Now, i would like to support my human options theory with proper citation. Citation is required for modern scientific tempered people; without that they will not accept any point (It is a good trait) (Buddha said---test everything before you accept it).

Pavlov's experiment:

              All of you  would have studied the Pavlov's theory in your school days itself. He was a Russian scientist, who did research on animal behaviour. He did an experiment with a dog in which: he fed the dog with some crumbs after ringing the bell. The dog has become conditioned so much that it started salivating with mere sound of the bell, even though there was no food present. This is an animal behavior and called as conditioned existence. (Buddha also talks about conditioned existence: which i have not yet read properly)   


              See the picture there is no gap between stimulus and response. The dog starts salivating immediately after hearing the bell. The biggest achievement of man is that he controls salivation. That is called the human response. He waits for some time after some time gap, when everyone starts eating, then he starts eating. There is a critical gap in time between stimulus and response.

Theory of Victor Frankl: 


This is not my theory---this is the theory of Victor Frankl--a psychiatrist ---who was held as a prisoner by Nazi regime---and one among the very few survivors ---who survived the ordeals of concentration camp---


I have taken this portion from the popular book---"Seven Habits of successful people"---by ---- Stephen Covey----  it is in the introductory chapter----If you read the book of Stephen Covey-----he does not say any where that ----this theory has the basis from Pavlov's experiment---It is my own idea and imagination----that ---i have linked up both these two theories-


The point here is that we should expand this gap----develop the gap ----and succeed in life---use that possibility of human efforts and ----use the human response that will help in our life---instead of being bound by mere human instinct---which is merely an animal instinct---which is very limited in it's scope----which has only two options---flight or fight---let us use many other possible human options---


You can add any number of human options here---

Man  can talk politely---(Man includes woman also)

Man can talk sweetly---

Man can tolerate others---

Man can forgive others---

Man can analyse the root cause of human problem---


which is the desire for money , material things, desire for existence, desire for success, desire for non-existence---these are the root cause of our problems--we can use our ---human option here also ---and adopt new good philosophy---which will help us in our survival and progress-- 
man can adapt Buddhism ---that is also an option---

In this way there are numerous options---


man does adapt many things --by learning more and more---

man has a remarkable capacity to learn---let us use that capacity.

Learning more using tools and adopting desirable characters are achievement of man---let us adopt useful things --progress in our life---and succeed in our life.