Traffic sense -2

Traffic sense - 2
Avoid road rage

Road rage incidents are real and it may happen to any one at any time ---
so be careful and be optimistic when you drive ---
try to follow minimum routine principles to avoid such road rage incidents ---

Rule-1 --drive at optimum speed ---that it self will avoid all kind of complications --
Buddha said follow the middle path-----(That does not mean drive in the middle of road)
It means that drive with medium speed ---that it self will reduce your problems--

Rule-2 --- Love your neighbor ---that is what Jesus said and it is applicable to traffic rules --
if you had minimum love and affection on the fellow traveler on road ---
such incidents will not happen ---

Rule-3 --- Keep silent when the fellow traveler starts using harsh words --
silence is a golden virtue -- being silent is being equal to god ---
being silent will reduce the heat in argument ----
other way saying will be that --- never abuse the fellow traveler ---

Rule-4  --- Keep tight within your Car ---
do not get out of your car ---
Getting out of car is a aggressive behaviour --
and that will lead to arguments ---

Rule-5 --- Remember that when you travel in a road ---
you come into conflict with Proletariat society ---
road is the place of  conflict between communist and capitalist ---
road is the place of conflict between Proletariat and Bourgeois class --
if your are a man travelling in car ---
keep tight and keep your financial achievements within your car ---
do not try to show off in the road --
naturally the lesser prosperous brethren will try to attack you --

wish you all the best --
and happy driving in the roads.