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Traffic sense -I
No over taking from left side please ---

              Today, i had a bad experience with a  motorcyclist. It was a near collision experience but avoided at the last moment. I was about to take a left turn from Jawaharlal Nehru main road (100 feet road)  into a side lane, at that moment a motor cyclist tried to over take me from left side. There was no free space in front of him and he was trapped   and almost i had hit him. Thanks to God, (Now- a- days i believe in God) some how i stopped my car, moments before crash. The so called rationalists of Tamil Nadu also should follow traffic rules , following traffic rules is also a rationalistic behaviour. Please follow traffic rules and avoid accidents.
             This is not the first time, such incident happen, this unruly behaviour happens daily. However today it has reached a breaking point, it was almost a serious accident. Such near collision experience happened to me three times so far. This is the third such experience. I am afraid of these kinds of near collisions and want to increase the level of awareness of motor cyclists to such death traps. Motor cyclists of Chennai should be aware that nearly 3 persons die in any given single day in Chennai alone in road accidents. Please drive safely. 

Please visit the following web site to learn traffic rules of India---