Swastika symbol

Swastika has remained as a controversial symbol because of Nazi regime. Let us see, what could be the source of this symbol. Shri.Kalyana Raman, had come out with detailed analysis on Swastika symbol. Follow the lead for more information.

In my analysis all the Indus symbols are leading to some star constellations. It is important to identify to which constellation it indicates. As per Jyotisha Vedanga the Swati symbol indicates Libra constellation. But the above given picture is not really tallying Libra with Swati constellation. In this case, some other constellation had to be identified with swati constellation.

In olden days (Around 3000BC) the ecliptic path was not the same as on today. The path of ecliptic  was on the lower side of the path as on today. Important constellations of ancient Zodiac were entirely different from today. If the above given picture is taken as a kind of standard of that ancient time, then the location of Swati was some where between Canis major and Centaurus constellations. The most important constellation in that location is "Crux". Note that the crux means "cross" the symbol of life. It was the same symbol of life carried by Egyptian gods as symbol "Ankh". By noting the importance given to this cross symbol, it can be construed that cross and swastika meant the same constellation during Indus Valley time period.

The second possibility is that this swastika might have indicated the "Andromeda Constellation". It is likely that during different periods time the swastika  symbol  indicated  different constellations. See the below given image taken form article of Kalyanaraman. (http://www.scribd.com/doc/2292080/svastikaglyph)
(Yudheya period coin)
This picture shows that the swastika constellation is some where nearer to Pleiades constellation. In that case the swastika symbol had been identified  with either "Aries" or "Andromeda" Constellation. The present position is that  there are at least three different possible explanations exists  for a single swastika symbol.