Aryan equation

The Indus Civilization = Aryans equation: Is it really a Problem
D. P. Agrawal
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                            Phase of India’s history manifesting itself in terms of a multi-dimensional transformation. It is therefore necessary to take a multidisciplinary yet holistic approach to unravel the attendant processes. Whether the authors of the Indus Civilization were Aryans or they were part of the processes of its decline,  it will remain difficult to resolve without definitive literary evidence. For that we have to wait till the Indus Script is deciphered; if at all can be deciphered.

                        The efforts to equate the Harappans with the Aryans are still fraught with numerous problems, notwithstanding the creation of an ethnic divide between the South and the North India. On the other hand, the Harappans were there can not disputed and what they have contributed to the Indian cultural legacy as also to the world of science and technology is also undisputed, so why worry about putting any labels on them? Of late a lot of effort is being directed to their nomenclature/ identification and less on extracting more data on this glorious phase of India’s past.

                        What is clear is that a drastically new settlement pattern emerges after the decline of the Harappans. In this process a variety of climatic and environmental changes, changes in drainage, new agricultural innovations, disorganisation of international trade etc seem to have contributed