Shambunath Mondal

Vedic-Puranic Proto-Sanskrit As Deciphered In Indus Script
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Sambhu Nath Mondal, Punthi Pustak, 2010, xii, 344 p, ISBN : 8186791906, Rs. 5,000.00   Rs. 4,500.00 (Free shipping within India only. No extras for postage and handling. )

Vedic-Puranic Proto-Sanskrit As Deciphered In Indus Script Sambhu Nath Mondal Vedams Books 8186791906
Contents: 1. A brief account of the Proto-Indic Civilization from excavated sources. 2. Abbreviations used for sites and sources of the texts and codification for text numbers: 3. Catalogue of the Proto-Indic Pictographic sings. 4. Comparative character analysis of the Proto-Indic signs with those of the contemporary Sumerian, Egyptian and Hittite Hieroglyphics; alphabets of Brahmi script ad Kharosti script of Ashokan and Kaniskan Periods. 5. Approach to decipherment. 6. Methodology of decipherment. 7. Decipherment of the surviving Indus Scripts on the Bi-scriptal and Uni-scriptal Punch-marked or die-cast coins. 8. Miraculous mathematics of the Proto-Indic people: 9. Astonishing astronomy of the Proto-Indic people. 10. Talented technology of the Proto-Indic people. 11. Gigantic geography of the Proto-Indic people. 12. Books and languages of the Proto-Indic People. 13. Vedic hymns in the Proto-Indic scripts. 14. Theology of the Proto-Indic scripts. 15. Mythology of the Proto-Indic people. 16. Philosophy of the Proto-Indic people. 17. Sages of the Proto-Indic people. 18. References of the Kings of the Surya or Solar dynasty. 19. References of the characters of the Ramayana. 20. References of the Kings of the Candra or Lunar Dynasty. 21. References of the characters of the Mahabharata. 22. References of Lord Krishna. 23. Some other kings and queens of the Proto-Indic people. 24. Warfare of the Proto-Indic people. 25. Society of the Proto-Indic people. 26. Animals in the Proto-Indic texts. 27. Proto-Indic relations with West Asia and Proto-Indic burial texts. 28. Timeline of ancient Indian history. Bibliography. Index.

"The discovery of the Pre-Brahmi Indus Script or proto-Indic Script i.e. Bhoota Lipi as mentioned in the Tantric literatures poses a serious challenge to the scriptologists all over the world for its decipherment for more than one hundred years since its appearance on punch-marked coins. The Indus Script with its variants existed on clay tablets, ivory plaques, steatite and metallic seals, potsherds, copper plates, punch-marked metallic coins, etc, all over the Indian sub-continent and extended upto Spain in the west and Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean in the east from the time immemorial."