Jennifer Bates

Jennifer Bates. (Research Paper)
Social organization and change in the Indus Civilization; phytolith analysis of crop processing aims at Masudpur VII (2011). Bioscience Horizons doi: 10.1093/biohorizons/hzr001
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Plant remains yield new clues to ancient societies

5 April 2011, by Adele Rackley

                  Ancient societies may not have been as dominated by urbanisation as many archaeologists believe, according to a new study. Silica casts of plant cells, called phytoliths, appear to show that rural communities of the Indus Civilisation continued their traditional agricultural practices, rather than changing in response to the economies of the cities growing around them.

                Jennifer Bates from University College London completed the work while at the University of Cambridge. Her results mean that some long-held assumptions about the relationship between rural and urban centres should be re-investigated.

                   See this work of Jennifer Bates --- Her area of work is related to biology  -- But , still has a relevance to our studies about Indus Valley sites --- Her work gives a secondary evidence that --- there were only villages around Indus sites and not cities  ---and question of urbanization of Indus sites are doubtful ---Her findings support my theory that Indus sites were not metropolises as being imagined so far ---