Gyan Swarup Gupta

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India: From Indus Valley Civilisation to Mauryas

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Gyan Swarup Gupta

Gyan Swarup Gupta (1929) has a deep interest in History, specially unsolved puzzles of the Ancient Indian History. After stint with teaching English Language and Literature for a two years the joined the government administrative service. His job took him to various parts of the country but mainly in Rajasthan to remote areas, to lowly cottages and tribal habitations. The people of Rajasthan have an instinctive habit of the painting the outer walls of their dwelling with frescoes and old symbols. He was surprised to find the symbols of Indus Valley Civilisation of the walls, further supposed to find the rituals, and religion of the Indus Valley Civilisation in their rituals, religion and even in language. This gave him the idea that the cultural and religion ancestry of these people was not some unknown invading tribe but the Indus Valley Civilisation. Reflections on this aspect and observations of the trial life gave him a glimpse of the society of Indus Valley Civilisation however fleeting it may be. Eight years were spent in writing, recording his observations, study and reflections on paper. The result is this book. He is a prolific writer and his articles on various unsolved problems of history, the correct history of various historical sites have appeared in a very large number of magazines. Journals, etc. both in Hindi and English. He is also associated in writing of books, contributing chapters on the state of society from the ancient times to the present one.