Current studies on IVC, Vol-VII

Current Studies on the Indus Civilization, Volume– VII
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                             This is the seventh volume of Current Studies on the Indus Civilization. The book contains seven papers. In the first two papers, Professors Kuldeep Bhan and Ajithprasad both belonging to the M.S. University of Borada, write papers on their own special topics. The remaining five papers are dealt with the outcome of excavations at Kanmer as followed: a general report by Dr. Kharakwal of Rajasthan Vidyapeeth, Gujarat State Government and Dr. Osada of RIHN; a report on faunal remains by Drs. Goyal and Joglekar of Deccan College; anthropological analysis by Drs. Lancelotti and Madella of Institucio Mila i Fontanals, Spain; ethno archaeological study by Dr. Ansari of Deccan College; a report on memorial stones at Kanmer by Mr. Thakuria by Deccan collage and several authors.