Civilization one

Christopher Knight

Christopher Knight (author)

                His book Civilization one is very interesting and deals in a elaborate way the mathematical achievements of Neolithic Civilizations -- We hardly have any evidence for the scientific advancement of Neolithic builders , who had built Stone Henge (England) and other similar structures in the coasts of western Europe. 

             It is good achievement because the traditional Archaeologists tend to disagree with any historical conclusion  without  physical evidence out of archaeological digs. Such an approach of Archaeologists give a feeling that the builders of Stone Henge were some kind of semi barbarians, who had built such big monuments without any kind of purpose behind those ventures. The efforts of Christopher Knight gives a good explanation to those megalithic buildings.

                Christopher Knight is an author who has written several archeological and  historical books dealing with theories such as 366-degree geometry and the origins of Freemasonry. Knight appears in the two-part History Channel documentary "Decoding the Past – Mysteries of the Freemasons".

Co-authored with Robert Lomas:

The Book Of Hiram: Freemasonry, Venus and the Secret Key to the Life of Jesus, April 2003
Uriel's Machine: The Ancient Origins of Science, March 1999
The Holy Grail, part of Mysteries Of The Ancient World: The Mysteries of the Ancient World Explored and Explained, June 1998
The Second Messiah: Templars, The Turin Shroud and the Great Secret of Freemasonry, April 1997
The Hiram Key: Pharaohs, Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus, March 1996

Co-authored with Alan Butler

Civilization One: The World is not as you thought it was. 2004
Who Built the Moon?: 2005
Solomon's Power Brokers: The Secrets of Freemasonry, the Church and the Illuminati. 2007
Before the Pyramids. Cracking archaeology's greatest mystery. 2009