Kalan (Yama)

             Kalan is variously described as Yama or Rudra or Shiva. In fact all the four are manifestations of the same principle of death and overseer of moral standards. He was overseer of moral principles because he could see from his heavenly position all the events, which were happening on this earth. Pictures given below show the dignified form as well as the original form of Kalan. The dignified from of Kalan model is drawn after the depiction in the book “myths and legends”. (David Bellingham, 1996, p. 147) 

                The original picture of Kalan can be seen in the seal depiction figure no.6.12, page no.119, of Possehl’s book. (L.Possehl, 2003). One important principle to be learnt here is that the old replaced gods are depicted as devil by the new usurpers. This second depiction of Kalan gives a feeling that it is drawn by the new generation of priests, who had replaced him with a new god (most probably proto-Shiva); hence Kalan has been depicted as devil, even though he was an important venerated god of earlier group. Another important point to be noted here is that the devil of christianity (Europe) is also looking similar to the Kalan of Indus people.