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Ref and Acknowledgements ---Creative  Sulekha.com

                            The Iconography of Varuna is highly varied. The variations are generally two-fold. One, the depiction of his image depends upon the stage of his career at which he is being discussed. For instance,  in the context of the early Rig Veda Varuna is a sublime , gracious and a very handsome deity who is  the lord of all existence ; but , in the Brahmanas   he is depicted as a severe looking stern judge holding the punitive noose and riding a fearsome mythical monster Makara. And again,  When he is portrayed  as a water-god the attributes symbolizing water element are stressed; and, when he is shown as Dikpala the guardian of  the west  he is shown in the air riding his mount in the sky; and so on.
                                    And the other is that the various texts of Shilpa Shastra and the Puranas each project its own version of Varuna image; and, they differ in details. Thus the Iconography of Varuna is not uniform; it is spread across a whole spectrum of varied notions of Varuna. In the iconographic sense there is not one but several Varunas. It might not therefore be possible to discuss the whole range of Varuna features.