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0-c) Terminal signs -Spear symbol

Any reader of this website please be informed that statements and explanations pertaining to "Calendar Theory" and "Jyotish Vedanga" have become obsolete and wrong. The corrected version is available in the second website. Follow the link for second website --https://sites.google.com/site/indusharappacivilization/home.
The first explanation
(This is the first explanation given by me in my book)
                After the jar symbol that place was taken over by spear, because the funeral urn was not in use for long time, symbol followed what was currently in practice. Priests started using spear symbol to mean death instead of jar symbol. There is a possibility that it is the Greek influence after the invasion of Alexander into India, some modern looking symbols pertain to this period. 

 Asko Parpola has interpreted this as sign of ‘life’, but I feel that it meant exactly the opposite of it, and meant ‘Death’. The seals with spear symbols should be treated as later day seals, in the last phase of Indus Valley culture.

 Now it is important to state here that there was a change in funeral practice, along with that “U” symbol also disappears, because the corpses were not being interned in Pithoi but being cremated. Hence it did not make sense to use the “U” symbol; instead of that  spear symbols were used to depict death. Most probably, after burial of dead body of the grave was marked by planting a spear (sign of soldier). Most probably because of the cremation practices, the “U” symbol might have got displaced by spear symbol.

The second explanation
In Sumerian language the word "Dead" starts with "Mi" sound, hence there is a possibility that  this spear symbol could stand for "Month"

Dead - MITU
Dead Ones - MITUTU
Dead Person - MITU

See the similarity of the word "Mitutu" with the Sanskrit word "Mirtyu" (Death), Both words are sounding similar, showing the common origin.

The third explanation

       The third possible explanation for spear symbol is that, this symbol could have stood for Sumerian God "Marduk". Just like Tamil God "Muruga" is always identified with symbol of "Spear", it is possible that symbol of spear might have indicated "Marduk" , there by sound of "Ma". In turn "Ma" sound might have been abbreviation for "Maas" (Sanskrit word for --Month) ("Maatham" ---Tamil word for "Month")                       

  The fourth explanation---

The fourth possible explanation for spear is that, it could be indicating birth day of Muruga " Marduk" . Birth day of Muruga falls on Vishaka day.(Vaikasi Vishakam). Hence, there is a possibility that "Spear Symbol" could actually be indicating Vishaka Constellation (Libra). 

Fifth Explanation---
                   There is a possibility of fifth explanation for spear symbol. Verify the details given in Jyotisha Vedanga Table, serial.no.16, gives the symbol of "Fork" for "Libra constellation. It means that, in Kalan model calendar, the fork carried by Kalan coincides with Libra(fork is carried by devil in European Mythology) (old gods are degraded by depicting them as devil by the new upcoming religions) , which actually looks like a fork. 

                  In the Kalan picture presented by me, the three prongs of fork are near Leo constellation, it needs a correction and three prongs of the fork should be near Libra. This explanation shows that the Libra constellation was originally indicated by "Fork Symbol". It looks like that after ascendency of "Marduk" over all other Sumerian gods, this "Fork" was given a stylish new modern look by "Spear". Hence forth, where ever "Spear symbol" arises it should be read as "Libra Constellation". Either "Libra Month" or "Libra Day".

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These are the primary terminal signs , which indicates "Vu" sound---but for spear symbol ----vu---sound is yet to be determined.
 The  symbol "U" might have indicated the sky god---"Uranus"
In case of spear symbol, it might have stood for the meaning ---"Spear of Uranus" 

These seems to be the secondary -terminal signs ---which served the same purpose as that of earlier one----or it might have indicated specific funeral ceremony like carrying the ashes to immerse in river---then "Vu" sound theory will not be applicable---

(or) This symbol might have stood for a god---the earliest sky god -----Uranus----

Note that it has a "Vu" ---phonetic value also.
This god is having some characteristics  like the conductor of souls to the under world (Psycho pomp). The Indus period name of this psycho pomp is not known, but in vedic period he was known as "Pushan". See the following link on Pushan for more information.

Most probably, he was the god, who guided the soul through under world---so he was worshiped on the 40 th day of death ceremony.

(Or) He was the eldest son of Shiva, Ganesha who is also having all the characteristics of Psycho pomp.

This god is some thing similar to Egyptian god Horus.Lori Tompkins says that the Aquarius constellation represented " Mithra" (IE god) the friendly god during later day Persian times. Note that even after the change in ruling class the friendliness of Aquarius constellation is not forgotten or discontinued.