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Smoking cauldron and Indus seal

Published on Mar 14, 2013
The innovative Gupta pot in pot model for indus valley seal cauldron:PLEASE SEE CAPTIONS

The cauldron on Indus seals is usually shown in front of (single horned) animals.

However it has deep, prominent,cultural and procedural roots in ancient culture of Indus people.
The holy smoke has been used in all religious cultures all over globe in ancient times,as well as in modern times.

Holy smoke is believed to sanitize the air,refreshes it of bad smells and attracts holy spirits ( living or dead).

Gupta model of decoded Indus cauldron describe it as POT IN POT MODEL.

The inner pot had arrangement to burn smoke producing material.


Iravatham Mahadevan also says that --- it could be incense burner ---
It is possible somebody have already said this as ' Incense Burner' --- to be verified ---