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Profile of the author of this web-site:
Jeyakumar,IRS., Working as Commissioner of Income tax, Kottayam, Kerala, India. See the detailed profile under the "web page" 

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New Address:-
Jeyakumar Ramasami,IRS,
Commissioner of IncomeTax,
Public Library Building,
Lal Bhadur Shastri Road,
Old Address---
Jeyakumar Ramasami,IRS,
8th floor, Old Annexe Building,
Income Tax Office --- 
--- ( Main complex),
121, Mahatma Gandhi Road,
Chennai, India.
600 034

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Interests-History, Philosophy , Indus Civilization

Favorite Books-- Deciphering the Indus script 
by Asko Parpola.
"Secret of crete"
 by  Hans George Wunderlich, a German Professor of Geology

Gender: Male
Industry: Government
Location: Kottayam,Kerala, India
About Me

I am Jeyakumar, an IRS officer working for the Government of India. Currently working as commissioner of Income tax at Kottayam, Kerala, India. I have been working in this service for the past 20 years.History is my passion and hobby for last 30 years, which had given me a deeper perspective and understanding about Indus civilization.I have consolidated and crystallized all the accumulated thoughts of mine on IVC into a Book form. The same has been published in the month of October 2009, and is freely available for download in this blog-site as well as in my web-site. This new idea should spread among all Indians and they should be proud of their heritage, that is the objective of this blog-site and web-site.