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Moon God of Indus Valley People

Picture courtesy Asko parpola, Deciphering Indus Script, Page.no.111.

This above given seal is one of the copper tablet found in Mohenjo Daro. The below given decipherment is based on Pictionary Game. It is surprising to note that this modern game "Pictionary" resembles closely to the Indus script writing.

 First step ---------
identifying the objects
Branch Cot branchTwo Wheels Number ThreeTilak  Fish with cap
Second step -
 Sanskrit name
 Zakha  Khatva Zakha Dvi Chakra Tri other name Urdhva
Cap could be indicating modified sound of "Mee"
 Third step
Applying sound
 Fourth step
corrected sound

The name of the God indicated in this seal seems to be "Zakhaza Devtrumi" that means Rabbit among the Gods, Moon is the rabbit God.

1.    "Zazakha" means rabbit, but what is written in the above given seal is "Zakhaza", may be spelling mistake, (or) it could be possible that the name got transformed over the period of centuries. 
2.  According to Hindu iconography "Rabbit" is the symbol of moon.

3. "Devatra" means "among the Gods" / (or) To the Gods. (Reference --Sanskrit dictionary --sanskritde.