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Mohenjo Daro must be preserved

Preserving priceless heritage can at times be, paradoxically, upstaged by cost of its maintenance and the ruins of Mohenjodaro in Pakistan, a Unesco World Heritage Site, are an example of this conundrum. Even as the Pakistan government launched a two-week festival at the site to commemorate its cultural heritage and hundreds of tourists converge on the place, archaeological and conservation experts are expressing concern that this surge in footfall can end up damaging the fragile slice of history.
The burden of hosting a festival weighs as well as wears down a heritage site as the temporary infrastructure put up to cater to thousands of visitors chips away at the precious remains. Ruins of civilisation are a historical necessity for mankind as without them, there would be no markers for our future. Thus, their preservation is a top priority. However, it is equally true that it takes money and effort to ensure preservation. The challenge for Pakistan lies in creating a balance in the way it protects Mohenjodaro while raising funds through tourism and cultural events. If the scale of the latter is not controlled, Mohenjodaro may one day become history that cannot ever be revisited.