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Mesa Mahadev - Sanskrit origin

Picture courtesy--Book of Asko Parpola, Deciphering the Indus script, Page.no.111.

This above given seal is one of the copper tablet found in Mohenjo Daro. The below given decipherment is based on Pictionary Game. It is surprising to note the modern game resembles closely to the Indus script writing.

 1 4 8
 First step ---------
identifying the objects
 Fish as usual- no doubt Number seven TempleGod holding knife is Agni SpearNumber two Branch
Second step -
 Sanskrit name
 "Meen"  Sath Mandir Agni Hara Dvi -Zakha(Branch)

 Third step
Applying sound
 Fourth step
corrected sound
 MesaMahade v 

The name of the deity seem to be "Mesa Mahadev".

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Pictionary is a guessing word game invented by Robert Angel with graphic design by Gary Everson and first published in 1985 by Angel Games Inc.[1] Hasbro has been the publisher since 1994 after acquiring the games business of Western Publishing.[2] The game is played with teams with players trying to identify specific words from their teammates' drawings.


The team chooses one person to begin drawing; this position rotates with each word. The drawer chooses a card out of a deck of special Pictionary cards and tries to draw pictures which suggest the word printed on the card. The pictures cannot contain any numbers or letters, nor can the drawer use verbal clues about the subject he/she is drawing. The teammates try to guess the word the drawing is intended to represent.