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Indus seal-Hunter and Tiger

Hunter on tree. (Indus seal depiction)

Orion and Canis Major constellations.

Hunter on the tree- tiger below

                               This seal is the different version of the yogi seal described above. The change is that the yogi has become tree. Now the same constellations combine is depicted as tree, man and tiger. Tiger is the common link here. The myth of tiger and hunter on Shiv-rathri day should be recollected here. Story of Shiv-rathri is important in Hindu point of view. Many of them follow the rituals on this important day. The story goes in the following way. A hunter goes on a hunting trip into a forest and is chased by a tiger, to escape from the animal hunter climbs a tree and waits for the animal to go away. But the tiger decides other wise and stays put on the same place; down below the tree. With no other option in his hands, the hunter decides to stay on the tree over night. To keep himself awake, the hunter plucks leaves of the tree and throws down on the tiger wishing that it will go away. The whole night passes in this way, and in the early morning light hunter notices that the tiger has disappeared but there was a Shiv-lingam on that place instead of the tiger. The hunter feels that Shiva himself had come in the form of tiger to show the importance of Shiv-lingam of that place as well as the importance of the tree; Vilvam tree (Aegle marmelos tree (or) wood apple tree).

                             As described in other myths, there are two events in the story, one heavenly event and other earthly event. The earthly event has already been described. The heavenly event is that it is the heliacal raising of the Canis Major, which indicated the beginning of the New Year. Devote Hindus spend the whole night fasting and praying to Shiva. In ancient Egypt, a priest was assigned with special task of watching every night to spot the arising of dog-star. Even now Hindus are following the very same old custom, and carry out the special duty assigned to the priest without understanding the meaning behind the ritual.

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