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Dry core drilling at Pakistan

Bilawal Bhutto inaugurates dry core drilling at Mohenjodaro
April 06, 2014

MOHENJODARO: The ‘dry core drilling’, the technical and scientific process of determining the limits of archaeological site of Mohenjodaro, was inaugurated by Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Patron-in-Chief Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Saturday. 
It is the first-ever indigenous mega effort at the Mohenjodaro after 1965, almost 50 years back.
The ceremony was attended by Sindh Minister for Culture and Tourism and National Fund for Mohenjodaro (NFM) Executive Board Chairwoman Sharmila Faruqui, archaeology director, UNESCO representative as well as members of the Executive Board and Technical Consultative Committee of Mohenjodaro.
The process of dry core drilling includes drilling/coring up to 20 metres deep. 
The detailed study of the core (soil) will be carried out at Mohenjodaro by experts of archaeology and sedimentology to identify cultural and natural layers. 
Based on the preparation of core logs, sedimentlogical lab analysis and interpretation, the final assessment about the areal extent (magnitude of the area) of Mohenjodaro remains will be carried out.
It is understood that 100,000 people used to inhabit this area, but the existing excavated area does not coincide with this notion.
It is, thus, necessary to ascertain the limit of this proto-historic cosmopolitan city to determine its size when it existed and flourished at its climax, which will not only be a service to the history but also add new chapters of civilization and create avenues for research and exploration. The process will take two months from start to completion at a cost of less than Rs 10 million.