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01) Brain and Computer

Brain and computer
                   Human brain is a biological computer it works in a marvellous way like a computer. It is time that we understand the functioning of brain -mind and ego. The outer frame is the hard disk, which contains the basic operating system (Equal to human consciousness); similar to MS operating system like windows vista or windows 2000. The "little man" inside the computer is your "EGO" which is similar to  the applications soft ware programmes loaded into your mind (like MS word and MS paint, Internet explorer or Firefox or Google chrome).

                    Now, there are actually two persons inside your mind (Brain). One is the human consciousness (Paramathma) and second person is your ego. Now these two persons should work together, any conflict between these two persons will result in psychological disorders.

                    Finally the little man (Your ego) is in bondage, bonded to Vasanas. There is little chance of escape, man should try to get liberated from this bondage to attain happiness.


           Athma and Paramathma:

  Now these two wheels (cogs) should operate smoothly within the outer wheel, otherwise your mind will not work properly. If the OS is corrupted then it will not work properly the problem with extremists is that their OS system itself is corrupted. It will be very difficult to repair it.  It can be corrected only by fundamental correction of your basic ideas about your life, your attitude towards life, towards religion and other fundamental values. 

People are searching for Paramathma somewhere, but both Athma and and Paramathma are inside your brain. Because of this two persons inside your head only, you get a conflicting ideas on any given problem or issue faced by you. Some say it is your conscience that guides you in your conflicting moments that conscience is nothing but the outer ring wheel.


If you search for Paramathma (god) some were in temple (or) somewhere outside, you will remain unhappy because he(god) is not outside anywhere, he is within you, he is within your mind that realisation gives you absolute freedom absolute happiness.


Search for diamond


Long Time back I read a story, definitely you could have also read this story but I could not understand that story at that young age. Now I understand that story; there was a farmer in Persia long time ago, he wanted to become rich, and somebody said, “If you find diamonds you will become rich within your life time” He sold his land and went in search of diamond all over the world, but he could not find it. Later he returned back to his own village, tired of life, tired of everything. He started living in his own farm and started to plough the land once again. There the miracle happened he found that there were big diamonds in his own field. What a fate! he was searching for diamond all over the world but it was in his own field all the time.


What is the moral of this story? Now do not take literally, the moral of the story is that our mind is the field containing diamonds, search your own mind for diamonds. Search your mind for satisfaction in life, if you search outside for more money, wealth and power; you will be defeated and disappointed that is the moral of the story.