P-1) Hinduism

Some latest book on Hinduism are reviewed here:

(This illustration is from Indus Seal --Not from the book being reviewed)

The book released in this year (2010) by R.Ramachandran (Hinduism, Smrithi and Vedas) states in page number-82 states that Bull sacrifice (generally male calf) is done by tying the bull to a sacred tree. (The same narration is given in the wrapper abstracts on the backside cover of the book also). But, Ramachandran has not given any reference to this narration. It is likely that this procedure of tying up Bull to the sacred tree before sacrifice is given some where in the Rig Veda, because this point is being described by the author, while discussing about the Rig Veda. The relevance of this discussion is that most probably this scene depicts the narration given in Rig Veda, which indicates the link between Indus civilization and Indo- European people.In practical terms this Indus seal illustrates the heavenly constellation of Taurus being tied to Pleiades.