Murugan's Birth Day

Vai - kasi  Vishakam 

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The Significance of Vishaka Nakshatra and the Tamil month of Vaikasi

June --3    -----year 2012        (Vai- kasi Vishakam  ---birth day of Murugan)
one day before full moon day (Practically full moon day )---
Sun is in Bull constellation ---
Moon is at Libra constellation (Vishaka)

The Mahabharata (Markandeya Samasyaparva) describes a story of a baby born from the brilliance of Siva, of which Indra is afraid. The baby named Guha/Skanda, raises a loud cry which makes all the Devas trembled with terrible fear. Indra throws his thunder-bolt on Skanda, which results in the birth of a goat-faced youth from the right side of Skanda and he is known as Vishaka. However, it may be noted that Guha and Vishaka are merged in Skanda. 
Vaikasi Vishakam celebrates the anniversary of Lord Karthikeya’s creation. It was in this month (May-June) that Lord Muruga was born with Vishakam as His birth star.