9-b) Festivals of India

                        In the Indian Civil Service examination, there used to be a question on Indian Festivals. The answer is confusing maze of information and details. Now , I understand that if had some idea about Solar and Lunar calendar all these festivals could have been classified into groups for better understanding. Based on seasons also all these festivals can be grouped. Now, I would like to make an attempt in this direction.


             New Year of Hindus ---Deepavali is "New Year " for Western India --(Gujarat and Maharashtra) On Deepavali day ---- Both Sun and Moon are in "Libra" Constellation" there is a possibility of "Eclipse" on such occasion , when both Sun and Moon are in same constellation ---In fact , there was a full fledged Eclipse on this day (13th November) , this year (2012) -----the significance of eclipse is that --- ancient calendar priest equated eclipse day to the first day of New Year ---all these fact lead us to the conclusion that this month under discussion i.e. Karthigai month is likely to be the first month of Indus Valley people (Moon Calendar) as well as Sumerian people.

                          On Deepavali day ----God Vishnu kills Naraka sura (Similar to Muruga Killing Padma Sura). It is a New Moon day. Western states of India (Gujrat and Maharashra) still has the Influence of IVC.  

  Month of November Year --2012    
  Festival Date Sun position Moon Position  Nature 
 of Festival
 1 Deepavali 13/11/2012 Libra Libra New Moon Day New Year
 2 Kanda-Sashti --
first day
 14/11/2012 Libra Scorpio first day of waxing moon 
 3 Karthigai 27/11/2012 Scorpio Pleiades Full moon day 
  Month of December Year-2012    
 22/12/2012Sagittarius   Turning of Sun towards North
 4 Vaikunda Ekadasi 24/12/2012Sagittarius Pleiades -
 11 th day of waxing moon note-1
 5 Christmas 25/12/2012Sagittarius Taurus (Bull)  
Note-1--- Opening of gates of heaven for dead people---
note the Sanskrit name of this month Purva Ashada --[meaning--Old Invincible--] {may be equal to --- old ancestors}