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Dear Jeyakumar Ramasami, 

             I find your site admirable, and I have read your chapter about Indo-Europeans, which deals accurately with the different existing theories. I find particularly interesting the theory of Sanskritization, which can be a (partial?) explanation of the diffusion of Indo-European languages. Only, it seems that you do not cite the Out of India Theory, which, methinks, deserves some attention.

             I have understood that you support Renfrew's theory, but there are many critics of this theory, because we know historically that Indo-European languages like Hittite arrived into Anatolia from outside during the II mill. B.C., finding the local Hattic language which is not Indo-European, maybe Caucasic. Hittite was an Indo-European language, but has many words from other language families, revealing that it developed in a region largely non-Indo-European. 

                I think that the best candidate for the origin of Indo-European is the Indo-Iranian region, because there we find the most ancient Indo-European traditions and the languages as a whole nearest to the Proto-Indo-European, and because India has an archaeological continuity and no memory of invasion. The genetic discovery of the haplogroup R1a1a, heavily present in Brahmins and in Slavs, but more ancient in South Asia, can be a proof of the movement from South Asia to Central Asia and Eastern Europe, and so an explanation of the spread of Indo-European language.

11 MARCH 2010 13:59

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