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Comments of Ioannis on 6 th May 2010 ---

I have always been fascinated by the Harappan Civilization and particularly with its script. My own area of 'expertise' is the so-called Minoan civilization of Bronze Age Crete and its writing systems ... also said to be a palatial civilization ... and which, as you know, has many parallels with the Harappan culture.  

Your idea that the Indus sites are huge cemeteries is interesting ... a similar change in 'definition' has recently been proposed for the Cretan civilization ... which now prefers to view the 'palaces' as large temples or even temple-tombs.Insofar as the Indus script is concerned ... it is, like the Cretan, presumably syllabic in nature? Possibly Proto-Indo-European?

comments of Ioannis on  13/6/2010

it seems well presented and well-argued. Still I must confess that I am not totally convinced by the interpretation which you have placed on certain seals (ie listing names and astronomical dates!!!) Nevertheless your arguments are quite original ... so keep up the good work!!!.