910) Comments of S. Farmer -II

Below given is the comment of Steve Farmer on
"Necropolis theory" and "Calendar theory" on September,2009 - Which appeared in his group blog site yahoo ----
Indo Eurasian research ---
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As a followup to Brian Hole's note, here is the latest "decipherment"
news from Chennai. This note was addressed today to Asko Parpola,
me, Michael Witzel, Benjamin Fleming, and two others. I am omitting
the attached file that contains proofs that "the Indus scripts (sic)
are depicting the month and the date of death of a person." Apparently
Indus cities were not cities at all, but cities of the dead -- as many I am
sure have suspected all along. (Well, they are all dead now, anyway.)

Send in the reporters from _The Hindu_ for another frontpage story.
This is the second "decipherment" received this week from Chennai,
home of Dr K, _The Hindu_, and all things nutty in southern Indian:


> Respected Sir,
> I am Jeyakumar writing to you from Chennai, India.
> I am working as an IRS Officer for the past 20 years,
> and presently working in the Income Tax Department at Chennai.
> History is my Passion and Hobby. 20 years back,
> I came across the theory of Professor Wunderlich, that
> Cretan Palace was a necropolis and not a place of living.
> I applied the same principle to Indus sites and have been
> collecting evidences in this regard.
> Recently, I thought of compiling my thoughts into the form of a book.
> I have been working on the book for the past one year.
> During the process of writing the book,
> I observed that the Indus scripts are depicting
> the month and the date of death of a person,
> and it is a logogram. I am attaching herewith
> the extracts from my book for your reference.
> Kindly go through the material and give your opinions on this matter.
> Thanking you.
> Sincerely,
> R.Jeyakumar