He not only guided me like the North Star,

but he was the boat, on which I sailed;

and crossed the sea of life.

She was not only the paddle,

which helped me through the ocean;

but she was the life jacket,

which assured me that

I was not alone in this world.




This book is dedicated to my father, Late Shri Ramasamy, who had inspired me to take up the civil service job. His suggestion that study of history is an integral part of civil service examination had resulted in my eternal love for this subject. He had also opened my eyes to a never-ending source of literature, which has become my hobby as well as the guiding lamp in my life. In addition to that, this book is further dedicated to my mother, Late Smt. Andal, who had nursed her hopes on our success in life through education and sustained it with lots of sacrifice throughout her life.


Ravi Vararo,
28 Aug 2015, 01:45