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      It is important that a proper acknowledgement is written after completion of the book. Earlier, I used to find it amusing the way authors used to make praises of their wives and family members for their support and patient bearing of the difficulties. Now, after attaining maturity on the ways of life and the experience of writing a book; I realise that writing a book is a long term effort and it materialises because of proper understanding among family members. I am grateful to my wife Shobana for patiently listening to my new theories and ideas on Indus culture.  She also helped me by teaching, ‘how to handle the MS-Word programme’. My thanks are due to my daughter Krishna Priya for helping me out through various intricacies of GIMP-2 programme (Image manipulation programme). I am highly indebted to all my family members who had been helpful to me in numerous ways, which will need lot of space and time to list out. If I start narrating their help and my indebtedness to them, major portion of this book will go towards writing my family history. Hence I restrict myself with the statement that without the love and affection of my family members this work could not have succeeded at all.

  I am highly indebted to shri A.Selvaraj IRS (Rtd. CCIT) and shri M.Ravi IPS; for their lifelong support and their moral support during this period. I am equally grateful to shri R.C. Mishra IRS for his silent support, and policy of allowing freedom of expression.  I am thankful to Shri Balachandran and Shri Bharathi Bhaskaran for their editing work of this book, without which it could not be published in this short time schedule. I am thankful to Shri Srinivasan, for his timely help in correcting the manuscripts, and patiently listening to various theories of mine on Indus valley Civilisation.

  The other most important help I have taken is from Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia. Major portion of the basic facts are from Wikipedia and I found that this it was exceedingly helpful in presenting facts and stitching together many facts on basic issues. If at all any mistakes in basic facts are there, they may be due to the inaccuracies in Wikipedia. But generally I find that facts are properly presented and internet vandals have not taken an upper hand on Wikipedia.

 Next in order is GIMP-2 programme. It is again a free programme from GNOME project, and all the figures in this book are drawn using this image manipulation programme. The figures in this book make it lively and easy to understand. My heartfelt thanks are due to these noble personalities who have developed and sustaining Wikipedia and GIMP programme. Without these facilities this book would have died down in the conception stage itself.