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Distinguishing Zen

Zen Buddhism is different from Other Buddhism. Theravada Buddhism (istherawardins---meaning----those who stayed firm in the same place ) oldest sect of Indian Buddhism subscribe to to the idea of total renunciation from worldly life to live in some mountain caves. In fact it was the main reason for decline of Buddhism in India. They were out of reality. But, Zen Buddhism teaches other way---ok it is good ---you search for Nirvana and search for  enlightenment---   but after attaining enlightenment ----please return back to this  ---common man's world and teach him ---how to survive in this world ---in a happy way---

I think ---Zen Buddhists were more successful in preserving Buddhism than Theravardins. Let us learn from past mistakes and make Buddhism a surviving religion of this earth. The last two pictures ( 10 th and 11h Pictures) of this ox herding pictures shows this concept returning back to market. 

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