Indus seal and Narmer Pallete

Reference ---- Andis Kaulins says that this scene of Bull/Buffalo trampling victims is indicating the Aquarius constellation and Capricarnus constellation on the occasion of solar eclipse around the year 3000 BC--    see the following link for more information--
 (Picture courtesy Andis Kaulins)

Compare this above picture of Bull trampling figure of Narmer Palette with Buffalo fighting scene of Indus seal. Origin of this concept is the same in both civilizations (Egypt and Indus). 

It looks like that this sport of "Bull fighting" could have originated in the middle east (Sumeria and Turkey), and later could have  spread on three directions. One path towards Greece , second path towards Egypt and third path towards India along with migration of early farmers.

see the corresponding constellations in sky map---
                                   Yes , it is true that there was bull baiting in Indus period and remnant is still surviving in Tamil Nadu. But, What for this seal has been prepared? It is not merely a kind of sport, which had been glorified. Some of them will say it was a kind of ritual slaughter of youth by bull. But, i have different opinion on the purpose of this seal.   In my opinion it is a kind of sky map, which depicts the constellations around Aquarius constellation . Our ancients had developed small stories for all the constellations because for the the ancient priests it was bread and butter, making a calendar and predicting the rainy time. 

                             There are many animal right activist, who want to ban the "Jalli Kattu" (Bull baiting ---not fighting) practice in Tamil Nadu. They should remember that it is an ancient practice, which had been the cultural symbol of Tamil people from time immemorial. This sport shows the connection between ancient Tamils and ancient Mediterranean cultures. In my opinion this sport should be preserved and persecuted. 

                            Now, coming to the relevance of this practice, it can be seen that this sport is held during Pongal time, which coincides with the "Maghar -- Shankaranthi festival" (Sun Entering Aquarius constellation) (crocodile constellation)--Which in turn indicates the turning of sun towards Northern Journey (Uttarayanam) --- which results in warming of northern hemisphere and also harvesting season --- knowledge of change in season is absolute requirement for farmers --- without that knowledge the farmers will perish --- our ancient people reminded the common people the seasons through various festivals --- these months also would have been named after these events or the constellations in which sun enters ( we do not have any information, how the Indus people named their months)

                          In my opinion all mythological stories lead to constellations , which was an important study to make the ancient calendar. See more details under the heading "Calendar Theory".