Indus seal and Goat

1) Indus Seals Deciphered-(Table)   The Goat seal

Aswins and goat seal

                   The word aswins appears in Veda frequently, and aswins means horse. However horse symbol does not appear anywhere in the Indus symbols. Hence it has become major rallying point of Dravidian theory supporters of origin of Indus sites. Careful analysis of the symbols used for Aswin star constellation shows that the Kalan group of priests used the symbol of top of foot. Whereas, the next group used the symbol of honey bee and honey comb. Aswins are generally considered as medicine men, short in stature and accompanied gods as their companions and generally shown as small dwarf servants in the foot portion of gods. The third group used the symbol of goat (Aries) for this constellation. In fact goat is the most popular symbol for this star constellation. Only the fourth and the last group used the symbol of horse for this constellation. The above shown important seal named as “goat seal” shows the importance given to goat. The face of goat is like a human being and he is venerated as god. Most probably Agni is Indian version of God Aries. (Goat is the vahan/ vehicle of God Agni). (Or) Daksha could be the other candidate to take this place, because he had a goat’s head. In fact goat is not sacrificed in the ritual shown in the seal; only a human is being sacrificed, that shows the importance given to goat as a star constellation. The seven dancers portrayed here in this seal symbolize the Pleiades star constellation.