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jyotish wheel Indus Inscriptions on seals interpreted






(The inscriptions on the top of the seal should be read from right corner to left) Kalan is grabbed by Raahu and Ketu (probably the crab symbols indicate the Grahana day here).In Sanskrit “Grahana” means “eclipse”. The fourth symbol of intertwined twin snakes joined to form “U” shape indicates that the solar eclipse occurred in the month of “Aslesha”.  (Refer to column numer .9 in Jyotisha Vedaga table in the following web-page)


(Quotation mark between snakes indicates that it means a month).The fifth symbol, “Fish symbol” means “fish day” (27th day in the moon calendar). The sixth and last symbol “U” symbol as usual means “the day”


This goat seal shows human sacrifice. The head is placed before the god on a stool. (The inscription should be read from left to right)  The first symbol indicates the Karthigai day , (or) it could be "Grahana day"(Eclipse day) also. The second symbol is part of first symbol indicating the act of grabbing symbol (Act of grabbing of Sun by Raahu an Ketu). The third symbol is damaged (month symbol damaged). Fourth symbol "Fish" giving the meaning " month".The fifth symbol "U" indicates the "sacrifice pot" in which blood of the sacrificial victim is collected. The sixth symbol shows the sacrificial victim without head , meaning thereby that one human being has been sacrificed in honour of tree dwelling god. The goat (Aries) indicates that the "Grahana" occurred in the "day of Goat" (Refer to column number.1 in Jyotisha Vedanga Table). (Or) the second possibility is that the goat could be indicating the the "Goat month", Goat month is the first month in a calendar and the new year is calculated from the "day of solar eclipse". 


(The script in this seal should be read from left to right):The inscription starts with salutation to god. The God "X" indicating the god shown in the seal "Mrigashira".The second symbol indicates the broken fire pit (Month of Leo) -Purva Phalguni) . The third symbol "fish"stands for the meaning "month". The second and third symbol should be read together as "Leo Month".  The fourth symbol is Aquarius symbol for water . The fifth and last symbol stands for the meaning "Day".The fourth and fifth symbol should be read together as "Aquarius Day" (Day of Khumbha in the Jyotisha Vedanga table --serial.no.24--refer to web-page -given below---)



This is the Asherah pole. The tree with peepal leaves identifies with mother goddess. The sign reads like this (from right to left):

                 (First symbol)--- The calendar symbol with six season chakra---- (second symbol) –cancer month--- (third symbol) fish symbol reads as “month”--- (fourth symbol) arrow reads as “day of”—(fifth symbol) quiver reads as “day of quiver” (day of Gemini)


The inscription on this seal reads like this (from left to right):


Sacrifice done (sacrifice of the bull shown in the seal) ---on Perseus day (or) Aquila day –month of –Aquarius


Reference: fig5.4,

Page.82 of Asko Parpola’s book

This symbol reads like this: Kalan (kalan-a.jpg ) is holding the symbol of his anus (anus-kalan.jpg) meaning there by Dhanistha Nakshatra/ day of Dhanistha/ 23 rd day of moon month. (Delphini constellation) The tiger indicates the Auriga constellation and the feeding trough indicates the Orion constellation. It means that a person had died in the month of Auriga / Orion, and on the 23rd day of moon month. The annual death ceremony will be held in next year on the same month and Nakshatra. (Month and day)

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