Bull and Orient constellation

This combination of bull and trough is an excellent way to find direction in night time , the hind portion  of bull (star Capella)  shows the north direction and the horn of Bull is indicating western side, whereas the Orion constellation shows the south direction. Because of this reason Indus people might have tried to memorize this scene for their survival. For the sea faring Indus sailors  also this depiction would have served as a life line. No doubt that this bull had been treated as God by them. Egyptians also followed similar practice by worshiping the Bull as Ptah. The star map showing Bull and Orient constellation is being produced here to show the similarity between Indus seal and actual star positions. For more details on Bull constellation and Auriga constellation see the following page:

Bull and Auriga constellation

See the orientation of Bull constellation and Orion. The dotted line is the ecliptic pathway. In the above given star map the Orion is looking like the trough (animal feeding utensil) as depicted in Indus seal.