Calendar Theory

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Whereas the "Necropolis Theory" explaining the nature of Indus excavation sites, stands on it's own legs firm to the ground. Only, passing of time will bring forth the truth. I am maintaining this website just to show the thought process through which the final success was obtained. Further, other details and statements relating various other issues are valid and correct.
1) Geb and Nut


                                    There were two models of calendars in ancient times. One depicted the picture of " Kalan " in his entirety covering the entire sky showing in his colossal form. This form was more or like the present day  concept of " Viswaroopam"  of " Vishnu". The first model was in use during the beginning periods of Middle Eastern and Indus civilization. In fact the all encompassing sky gods like Uranus, Osiris (Egypt), Kalan and Vishnu (vishwaswaroopam) all indicates the old model calendar. It looks like that this model was used by dark skinned people of ancient time, because invariably all these gods were given dark color. Man made gods in his own image. Hence, it is safe to conclude that it was used by Dravidian people of ancient times in India.

               Later the second model of calendar appears in which the 'variegated picture model' is applied. Variegated picture model means that all the star constellations are shown in their actual shape. Like lion (Leo), Bull (Taurus), Swan (Cygnus), Hunter (Orion) so and so forth. In this variegated form it became very difficult to maintain a continuity to different months. So the priests developed  elaborate "stories of a Heroes". These heroes invariably travel. In fact all stories of heroes are invariably travelogues of the hero. I made the mistake of searching for the the geographical location mentioned in these heroic stories. Many of the historians are making the same mistake by trying to identify the places on earth.

                               But earth was not the place of their travel, they were travelling through sky and constellations were the places visited by them. If you properly analyze, one by one the stories of Hercules , Gilgamesh, Rama and Pandavas, you can notice that they were actually travelling through space into various constellations. The same constellations are given approximate geographical location also. The sky map was actually used as mirror image of earth map. The theory of Hermes (God of Greece is equal to Thoth of Egypt), should be recollected here "As is above, So is below", (as in heaven, so is down below in earth).

                                The locations in geographical map are also approximately following locations in the sky map. This is the reason for confusion among modern historians. Because the stories also narrate and specify about the approximate locations of various places in Mediterranean region ( Hercules story), India (Rama and Pandava story) and Middle East ( Gilgamesh story).