9-a) Mesopotamian Influence on IVC

The Sumerian seals shows remarkable similarity of ideas to that off Indus seal this page is dedicated to discussion on this issue ----

                                    This is the Sumerian Seal depicting ---god Marduk fighting Tiamat (Snake---Hydra) , which brings down rain from heaven (Sky). What is the purpose of this seal ? Depicting the rainy season? Most probably it indicates the festival day of Marduk killing Tiamat, which also indicates the rainy season.

                                    In addition to that the exact date of festival is also indicated in this seal  --- Note that "Sun" is in Auriga constellation (Vishnu ---according to Indian religious idea) , Where as "Moon" is in Perseus constellation. Both these details respectively indicate a month and day. It is the month of "Auriga" and day of "Persesus". The same principle had been followed in Indus seals also. Only difference is that these Sumerian seals are more artistic elaborate and accurate , where as Indus seals had become more abstract, which shows that these Sumerian seals are precursor to the Indus Seals.

Follow the below given link for more information on ---Marduk killing Tiamat ---or---Arjun killing ---snake in Khandawa forest ------