Real Aryans - Genetic Data


This data extract is taken out of Wikipedia aicle---follow the link for full detail---HaplogroupR1a (Y-DNA)

               The notable feature of this data is that the M-17 gene, the so called "Aryan gene" is predominant in Poland , Czechoslovakia, Croatia , Ukraine, Russia, Pakistan and India. That means that the M-17 gene originated in Ukraine and is predominant only in Eastern Europe (steppe lands) and Indian Sub continent. These eastern European countries are other wise known as Slavic countries. 

               The other prominent feature of this data is that M-17 gene is not really in a dominant position in Western Europe and in some southern European  countries. In some countries like Ireland this gene is in minute proportions. This gene of M-17 is localized mainly in steppe grass lands and does not really explain the spread of Indo European languages all over Europe. Minor influence of this M-17 in western Europe and southern Europe shows that PCT theory of Mario Alinei is correct that M-17 gene bearers are only intruders into Europe from Turkic and other central Asian tribes. Whereas the old Europe consisted of mainly the genes of megalithic farmers     (M-172 genes) and paleolithic hunters. This is the conclusion of Colin Renfrew also. The Kurgan theory of Marija Gimbutas may not be really sustainable. 

                     Now, the question is," who were the real Aryans?" M-172 gene bearers or M-17 gene bearers?  You should only decide and give me the answer. See the map
(Map source Wikipedia: slavic people: )
List of R1a frequency by population